Meet The Team

Toby Wragg BSc (Hons), D.C.

Toby Wragg Chiropractor in RichmondOwner and Chiropractor at Imperial Health, Toby Wragg graduated with honours at the University Of Glamorgan in 2008. He has since worked in the South West London region – Ealing, New Malden and Richmond.

Toby’s interest in Chiropractic initially came from a lifetime of sports and Tai Chi. While competing around the globe he developed a strong interest for performance at the highest levels and understood the importance of proper joint alignment, muscle tone and nerve conductivity.

He has applied these principles to his practice, wanting everyone to reach their individual optimal best. From desk workers to manual workers, Chiropractic is for everyone, including professional athletes, pregnant ladies, babies, children, elderly, drivers and more.

Toby specializes in postural correction. He believes in finding the root cause of problems to achieve a long-term solution, rather than solely focusing on symptoms. As part of his examination, Toby also assesses foot bio-mechanics and alignment and the possible need of insole Orthotic’s to provide stable foundations on which to build on. He is also fully Webster certified and trained in treating pregnant ladies and babies.

In his spare time, Toby enjoys going to the gym, playing football, jogging around Richmond Park, golf and trying to learn Italian language.



Beatrice Modenese-Wragg BSc (Hons) Nut.

bea pic websiteOriginally from Italy, Beatrice Modenese-Wragg is the Nutritionist and Owner at Imperial Health in Richmond.

Her journey started in 2008. She graduated from a British School in Milan and enrolled on a Nutrition degree in Kingston Upon Thames, which she completed with Honours in 2011. She has since been working as a freelance Nutritionist and become a fully licensed massage therapist, now specializing in posture and complete well-being. She strongly believes and is an advocate for healthy eating, having a good level of fitness, and a healthy balance between life and work.

Beatrice’s fascination for food interactions with the Human body fuelled her passion for nutrition and clean eating. She has held numerous Nutrition classes for private clinics, educating and encouraging people to embrace a healthier lifestyle and helping them in achieving their goals. Through nutrition, people not only can achieve their optimal weight, but can also improve their energy levels, boost their immune system, improve joint mobility and so much more. In recent years, she has developed a program – Body Evolution- which aims at improving Biometric Scores and creating healthier habits, while bringing the individual to a healthy weight.

When you can’t find her in the clinic, she will be channelling her creativity into new recipes and food combinations in the kitchen. Beatrice also loves travelling, art exhibitions, yoga and dogs!



Dr Louie Feng B.ChiroSc, M.Chiro

Born and bred from down under, Australia – Meet Louie! He graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney with a Masters of Chiropractic. He specialises in acute injuries and goes beyond providing symptomatic relief by addressing the underlying cause. In his experience, chronic pain patients can develop a dependency to drugs or seek out invasive approaches such as an injection or surgery before trialling Chiropractic care. His conservative approach can assist you in minimising dependence and maximising control of your own health.

Ever since a child, Louie has always upheld an active lifestyle involving many sports. Most notably, he was an avid swimmer during school and consistently competed in qualifiers. His favourite day during school was sports day.

His love for sports and physical activity led to his desire to upkeep a positive and fit lifestyle. He has a keen interest in biomechanics and its interaction with function. When treating, Louie takes the utmost care in providing you the best possible options in order to help you reach your goals. In his experience, his greatest joy is experiencing the success of others.

Louie recently embarked on an eye-opening experience in India, Siliguri for 2 weeks, attending to the underprivileged lacking medical care. From this program he has discovered just how diverse Chiropractic is and has a great interest in learning and understanding different concepts that directly improves his level of care for you.

Don’t let his young dazzling smile fool you though, his proficiency in adjusting, skills and knowledge will be sure to help you on your road to recovery. Louie is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC).



Dr Gaby Espaignet B.ChiroSc, Osteomyologist

Gaby comes from the South of France, among the famous vineyards of Bordeaux.IMG_2736
She graduated from Madrid Chiropractic College (Spain) with a Master of Chiropractic.
She has always been very interested in the health sector and has always wanted to help people to ease their pain, cure them and help achieve a state of good health.

She has lots of passions in life especially cooking, swimming, fencing and sky diving.

Gaby likes to follow a more holistic approach to health rather than simply feeding the body with medication and therefore studied Chiropractic which is according to her the most complete and specific health profession that exists.

Thus, she studied Chiropractic in France (European-French Chiropractic Institute) and Spain (Madrid Chiropractic College).

Adventurous and open-minded, she really wanted to experience life abroad to benefit herself both personally and professionally. Travelling is another one of her passions.

Gaby did an internship in Surgery before deciding on a future in Chiropractic and observed multiple Spinal surgeries which was interesting to her because she could visualise what a spine looks like at its worst and this memory has encouraged her to treat her patients in other less invasive forms of treatment through Chiropractic, specifcally in order to avoid the spine getting into this poor state and needing surgery.

Thanks to these kind of life stories Gaby feels Chiropractic isn’t only a job but a real lifestyle and a way of living.




Yasmin Khan – Physiotherapist & Masseuse

Yasmin PhotoGraduating from University of East London in 2015, Yasmin began working at a charity specialising in neurological conditions and has since moved on to working in the NHS treating various conditions. Yasmin is a member of the Chartered society of physiotherapy (CSP) and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Yasmin is fully qualified in deep tissue massage.

Being a hands on therapist, Yasmin provides an detailed assessment so every treatment plan is tailored to the individual, ensuring her clients are involved throughout their rehab journey. Seeing clients achieve their therapy goals after putting in hard work and determination is why Yasmin continues to practice as a physiotherapist.

Yasmin has volunteered in the Baku European games and as a student physiotherapist in Dar es salaam Tanzania. Being a keen traveler, Yasmin backpacked round the world solo for 7 months exploring different cultures and foods.

To relax she enjoys going to the gym, baking and looking for new holiday destinations. Having previously skied, surfed and skydived she is open an adventure.

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