Postural correction speciality

posture-screen-analysisHere at Imperial Health the Chiropractors and Osteopaths all specialize in postural correction to get to the root cause of the pains/problems and improve overall physical function. We offer three phases of care;

  • 1st phase: getting the patient out of pain
  • 2nd phase: postural correction
  • 3rd phase: maintenance care

Phase 1: Getting the patient out of pain

During this initial phase we will use a number of modalities to reduce inflammation, break down muscular tension and knots, increase movement in the joints and stretch to make more movement in the muscles. We expect the average patient to be 100% out of pain by the end of this stage and at least 50% better with their posture.

Phase 2: Postural correction

Once the pain has gone we must get to the root cause of why it came in the first place and do everything we can to decrease the chances of it returning in the future. This phase is to re distribute the pressure out of the problem areas and into a more evenly distributed pattern around the body. This means having a better physical structure and also functioning at a higher level with physical movement. We achieve this through treatment at the clinic, a tailored in house exercise programme, a tailored home exercise programme and re training every day movement patterns and bad habits. We expect the average patient to still be 100% out of pain by the end of this stage and also as good as they are going to be with their posture, which hopefully means 100% if there are no blockages to care. We also work considerably on the strength of the neck, mid back and core muscles in this stage so the corrected posture is thus held firmly in place.

Phase 3: Maintenance

In this phase we wean the schedule way down so we can just check every so often that we are protecting all the good results we have achieved and nothing is falling back into old habits.

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