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Well it certainly is a crazy time we are living in with covid-19 but there have definitely been some silver linings for us as owners of imperial health clinic. We have been working hard on making videos of all our exercise routines, postural home advice, functional movements and also Nutritional videos on the specifics on different vitamins and how they should and shouldn’t be used in your diet.


I am sure so many can relate to how much gets left on the back burner when running and working in your own business and at least now we have time to get all these things done. I have been learning how to make videos for our patients but also for social media and our online presence.


Making videos:

It has actually been fun getting a whole collection together so we are ready to send videos out to our patients at every step of their programme once we re-open, hopefully sometime soon in May 2020. I also want to thank our lovely patients for their ongoing support at this time, we really appreciate it so much and it makes us really happy to be serving our community in this way.


Social media:

Hopefully our videos on social media have helped people to stay healthy at this time and they will continue to be uploaded every Monday for chiropractic and every Thursday for nutrition. For anyone who wants to check it out, past posts can be seen in our highlights section and our Instagram account is @imperialhealth or our Facebook account is


We hope everyone is staying healthy and have developed some great exercise routines at home while avoiding bad postures at the desk and on the sofa etc.



We are so looking forward to re-opening and helping everyone get back on track with their health goals so they can be the best versions of themselves both mechanically with Chiropractic and internally with Nutrition.


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